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T-Shirt Order Form

To Order a GMB Reunion Shirt
Click or tap here to download the form.
  1. Choose size (s) and quantity of GMB Reunion shirts and masks from the form.

  2. Place your order by emailing or texting the form to Lauren Hill.

  3. You can also place your order by phone (803-761-2293).

  4. Lauren will complete your invoice with the shipping cost and send it to you for payment.

  5. You can pay through PayPal or Cash app or you can mail a check (please give 2-3 days for it to clear after it is received).

  6. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, there is a $2 extra charge.


**Update:  Thanks to your support, we are now sold out of t-shirts! Our vendor is willing to fulfill additional orders at the same price. To take advantage of the pricing, we would like to have a minimum of 25 orders. Thanks again for supporting black owned businesses!

Please contact Lauren Hill at 803-761-2293 or e-mail her at  if you have further questions.

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